Gemstone Guide

Beautiful gems are the heart of our brand. Here’s your guide to Everything-Gemstones! With more than a rainbow of colors to choose from – you can go with your very own birthstone, or just pick your favourite colour too! We cut and polish our own gemstones and pride ourselves on responsible sourcing. We value our close relationship with our suppliers too. Hence, we avoid traditional markups and pass those savings directly to you. We hope you enjoy shopping from our gemstone haven!


Born in the african continent, garnet gemstones are here to surprise you with its gorgeous hues. Bold oranges, royal greens and shades of pinks and purples, an amazing variety to pick from, so go ahead and find your favourite Garnet gemstone.


This month of love is blessed with a stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing one’s energy of negative influences and attachments. Produced in the midst of brazil, it is available in different spectacular shades of purple that range from a blend of deep violet to a lighter lilac hue. A heaven for all purple lovers.


Sea, salt, sun and everything fun! These aqua-blue colored babies are a perfect ode to the ocean. So if you’re a total beach baby or if you just love the mesmerising hues of blue, go ahead and pick one. This light blue gemstones symbolises purity of spirit and soul

DIAMONDS (1) (1)


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, they’re absolutely right. Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love. They’re said to bring benefits of balance, clarity and abundance



The world’s best emeralds are found in Colombia’s depleting mines that make them a rarity. This extraordinary stone is for all the queens out there. Royal. Bold and Elegant.



Pearls go with everything. They’re always appropriate. Wear it with a pair of ripped jeans, a blazer or a formal gown. They’re eternal symbols of purity, integrity and loyalty. Some of the world’s most famous and rarest are south sea pearls, basras and the Tahitian pearls.



Fall in love with this lustrous, deep red stone that has accrued special and symbolic meaning through time. The deeper and more glorious the hue of the gemstone, the more valuable it is. Pick a gorgeous Ruby out, we promise, you won’t regret it.


This mystical gemstone is said to have healing powers, and is known as the Gem of the Sun. After all, green does have a soothing effect on us. The refreshing hue of a Peridot is something we bet you’ll always, always love.


Blue Sapphire

Nothing speaks royal like a true blue sapphire. Some of the finest come from Srilanka. Go pick out a dark blue hued beauty or Multi coloured sapphires, if you love accessorising like the royalty you are..



Have you come across a stone as versatile as a tourmaline? This gorgeous stone is available in every colour of the spectrum. It is said to be a stone of reconciliation, radiates energy that attracts money and healing. So you can totally pick one out, in your favourite colour.



Onyx is the Greek word for “”claw”” and is a birthstone for Leos. Throughout history, onyx has been thought to bring powers of protection and, defense. 


Turquoise is an opaque stone that ranges from blue to green in color.  It has a calming, soothing, protective energy that can be beneficial for various feng shui applications. The word turquoise comes from a French word meaning “Turkish,” likely because the stone was introduced to Medieval Europe by Turkish sources.

CITRINE (2) (1)


If you’re all for “fun in the sun”, the Citrine gemstone is meant for you. Known to be a healing gemstone, citrine is said to be a gift from the Sun. So go and get yourself some sunshine with this bright happy stone. to light up various aspects of your life and sometimes unexpected ones. So, happiness starts here.

Blue topaz

Blue Topaz is known for its amazing aqua blue shade. This stone is associated with loyalty and love, representing eternal romance and friendship.



Tanzanite is a bluish violet stone only found in Simanjiro District of Manyara Region in Tanzania, n a very small mining area approximately 7km long and 2km wide. Noted for its remarkably strong trichroism, appearing alternately blue, violet and burgundy depending on its crystal orientation.

Paraiba Tourmaline

Discovered in 1989, paraíba tourmalines are among the world’s most prized gemstones. These rare gems are renowned for showing intense blue colors. It is rarer, and sometimes more expensive than diamond. Only one paraiba is mined for every 10,000 diamonds.



The highest quality and most authentic kyanite gemstones today still come from Nepal and Tibet. The gemstones are considered rare because the color changes, depending on the direction from which its viewed. Kyanites make perfect replacement for blue sapphires.

Mother of Pearl

Mother-of-pearl is the iridescent inside lining of a mollusk shell. It is a more readily available precious material, giving it a more accessible price point.