Colour Play

modern. dainty. minimalist



All of our products are crafted with an obsessive attention to detail. It's for women who are looking to accessorise, who we call the "luxury hunter" and it's definitely part the whole trend around self-gifting.

Colour Play

modern. dainty. minimalist

Opal Oceanfront

fine australian pick


the stars align

Reimagined Enamel

profound colours of joy and pizzazz

Beautiful gems are the heart of our brand. Here’s your guide to Everything-Gemstones! With more than a rainbow of colours to choose from – you can go with your very own birthstone, or just pick your favourite Colours too! We cut and polish our own gemstones and pride ourselves on responsible sourcing. We value our close relationship with our suppliers too. Hence, we avoid traditional markups and pass those savings directly to you. We hope you enjoy shopping from our gemstone haven!




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Journal - your jewelry bible


After many design brainstorming sessions each piece of jewelry is hand-finished and passes through at least 10 hands at our Mumbai HQ's. This involves setting all the gemstones, soldering pieces together, plus oxidising and polishing all jewelry by hand. It's a beautiful and fascinating process